HUG Project by keely

The HUG Project

by Keely Grand

I was on vacation, recently, and I had this desire to do what I've been wanting to do with the wellness journeys I am a part of with my clients. The type of trainer and coach that I am can't be squeezed into a box, because well, I'm a circle that grows, reflects, has different shades of color... you get the point. I'm different and I think that's why my clients enjoy our time together and that's why I enjoy my job. 

Like most trainers, I design programs that progress with the client, watch and correct form, push for healthy behaviors, inform & educate, and inspire whenever possible. But one day, I thought of what it may be like if I joined them in their journey and as a team we conquered their goal(s)? Not me telling them what to do, but being their partner in it all. So, I wouldn't just be checking off their boxes, we'd be checking them off together. 

From those thoughts, HUG Project was born. HUG stands for Health Unleashes Greatness - and I believe that it definitely does. Today, three wellness warriors joined HUG Project. Each has their own goals, so each project is different. For one though, we ended up pushing each other.

The task: Write or draw about the Wellness Movement and then get out there and show off your quest for wellness.

She came up with one of the most beautiful drawings (that can be found in the image section) and I wrote this:

HUG Project, by keely grand

I'm not broken but my heart is in pieces.

People treat their bodies the way Trump gives speeches.

The gov't subsidizes meat

So diabetes will infest our feet

Their banks and pockets grow with cash

While our bodies grow diseased and fat.

Society makes health into a joke

Feeding on cows, corn, and coke.

The soda kind of drink,

Not a foe to the GMO stink.

When will everyone agree

that plants are all we need.

No one's facts are in the same game

Mainstream VS. Progressive just aren't one in the same

Dieticians and doctors from all different schools

Don't all follow the same rules, making some look like fools.

With eating plants comes compassion and love

Realizing you wouldn't eat a cow like you wouldn't a dove.

My mom had cancer when I was in 6th grade

Screw it, I'd rather eat gogi berries and green juice lemonade

My heart is big and my muscles are strong

No, no those hormone levels are right not wrong

Feeling healthier with age

is a play on a foreign stage

We can heal ourselves while healing the earth

So our babies can grow with less toxins and girth

Spread love, joy, compassion, and health

Consume plants and you'll find the real wealth.


Family Equals Love