Family Equals Love

Parting is such sweet sorrow.- William Shakespeare
That quote is certainly true for this Mom, grandmother, mother-in-law.
Today our family flew back to their home. They live in the diagonally opposite corner in the U.S. from us.
I know what is even greater than that sorrow. We have strengthened our bonds, made lovely memories, and deepened our connections. We are more knowing and understanding of one another's souls because of the times we are together.
It is only by the closeness of our living quarters that our relations are so effected and blossom. We have seen and felt one another's vulnerabilities with mutual respect.
Our enjoyment of one another, our laughter, giggles and smiles are what stand out.
Our grandchildren's sidewalk drawings, play-toys, and their dinner places still set are endearing.
Our son-in-law is big hearted, happy, generous and a daddy who cannot be beat!
Our daughter's kitchen/cooking skills outstanding! She taught me much. Now, almost all the way to their home in the far corner of the U.S. her loving touch is with us still. Sometime before leaving at 3:45 a.m. she scattered loving notes for us as in a scavenger hunt. We have found them here and there throughout our home.  Much like giddy children who are surprised by their find, so are We!... with EACH note found. 
Living many airplane hours apart make our times together infrequent and treasured. I do believe without the distance, the treasure would be equally great. :) 
Hours after parting from our west coast family my heart overflows with joy and love and gratitude.
Love is all there is.

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