Diving right in

I always tell my kids, "feet first!" Feet first is sort of how I approach life. I get my feet in there and test out the waters. Sometimes I pull my feet out and other times I take the plunge and dive in. My latest water testing was giving up drinking alcohol. The nagging catalyst was my husband, because he's lived a straight-edge life for many years. He never pushed his agenda on me, but the fact that he was straight-edge and didn't care what people thought, intrigued me and tickled my interest until I finally threw in the towel. 

We all have stuff that makes us crave that refreshing cold brew or glass of wine. However, I wanted to see if I could reverse that feeling. What can I do to escape that feeling of needing to escape with a drink? I tried yoga. It works great, but there are those nights that are just so busy it's tough to squeeze in even a few downward dogs. Meditation also works, but there can be that time issue again. Through writing, I've found an outlet for any pent up stress. Exercise in the morning is my saving grace, but it's not something I do at the end of the day anymore. What I have found to work in combination with the above, is sipping on some Kombucha. This tea is invigorating and refreshing. I don't say or think stupid things when I drink it and I don't wake up lethargic or moody the next day. I can actually function even better than before my first sip. 

My favorite brands right now are: Townshend's Tea Company, Brew Dr. & Symple Foods, SOMA Kombucha. 

So, if you've been feeling like you need a different method for your distressing, try one of or a mixture of the above and see what happens. Get your feet wet. Feel it out. Dive right in! 

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