National Dance Day

Oh, how I would love to dance, AWESOME! Enthralled with So You Think You Can Dance, I plan on dancing my buns off on Saturday, July 25th for National Dance Day. It'll probably just be in the backyard, but we WILL dance.

Running definitely frees my mind and connects with my body, but dancing releases a different kind of happiness from inside. I really can't dance well at all, but it just feels so good. My 6 and 3/4 year-old and I danced our way down the Whole Foods isles the other day. If you peek in my house most afternoons, you'll find me dancing around like a lunatic and twirling my boys around. We run, bike, wrestle, swim, so why not add dance to the list!

Ever since I can remember, my childhood was filled with dancing. One day in particular, I remember that we had to do some family spring cleaning - window washing!?! What? Yes, we did. I remember being in about 4th grade at the time. My dad blasted The Beach Boys and we were all off dancing and cleaning. It ended up being really fun, and obviously a special memory. Every holiday and weekend seemed to have music and/or some sort of grooving. My dad liked music so much that he opened his own DJ business. What a fun, happy life. 

Now at 36, every time I go visit my parents we all seem to be dancing at some point through the kitchen and around the house. So, thank you Mom & Dad for dancing with me! 

Share your dancing stories with us! 

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