Feeding Boys, by Olive & Cheeze

My boys eat a lot. My days begin with my own exercise and is followed by making breakfast and lunches. When they are in school I get a few hours to work and do family chores, but the moment they get home I don't think I actually leave the kitchen till bed time. I'm serious. My husband and I are vegan and our boys are vegetarian. Boy 1 and I are gluten-free due to celiac disease but Boy 2 and Daddy are not. We've tried to cut out the dairy cheese and replace it with a nut cheeze, but so far we are unsuccessful with their accustomed taste buds. It's progress in the right direction.

When it comes to feeding my boys, I think I've finally figured it out so they don't walk in the kitchen every five minutes complaining of hunger. It's starts with breakfast.


Boy 1: Avocado Sandwich and either a sliced apple or pear 

Boy 2 Jelly Sandwich or Cheesey bread and either sliced apple or pear


Boy 1: I pack him sliced apple and cheesey bread - 3 pieces of gluten-free cheesey bread, sliced up

Boy 2: His preschool cooks him lunch

After school Snack: If I have time I prepare a snack before I pick them up from school so they have something when they get home.

Snack 1: Smoothie - frozen strawberries, banana, 1 date, tblsp of cocoa powder, tblsp of hemp seed, 1/2 tblsp of Rich Roll's Plant Power powder, almond milk. 

Snack 2: Vegetables - I cut up carrots, celery, or whatever vegetables I have. Boy 2 dips veggies in hummus.

Snack 3 (if needed): Tortilla chips and fresh salsa

Dinner: Anything from my "The Oh How She Glows" cookbook. Boy 1 doesn't like a ton of sauces, so before I mix everything up in a salad or soup or whatever, I leave a portion out for him. Boy 2 eats everything. 

Dessert: Sliced apple with almond or peanut butter

And that's how I feed my boys! 

- Olive & Cheeze


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