Moms for the Soul, by SoletoSoul

Moms are good for our soul. In the last few months, I've witnessed some extraordinary mom moments that in sharing I think will warm your heart. Here's the first few:

For the first time in seven years, I left my children behind with my husband while I went on a weekend excursion to see my girlfriends. The first time in SEVEN years! For the first time ever, I didn't feel guilty for leaving them behind. Not too long ago I'd feel anxious and guilty running a quick errand and not bringing them, so I've come a long way. As my Mom part of me took a rest for a couple of days, I came out to play. It was interesting because I found out that I am actually the same exact person. The only difference is that I wasn't interrupted during a conversation and could eat peacefully at my own pace. The girlfriends that I met up with are the girlfriends that I entered mommyhood with and the ones that made those first few years of mommyhood, manageable. Three things from the weekend with my girlfriends left an imprint on my heart. 

The first, the bonds that motherhood brings cannot come undone. Our tummies grew with life inside and our hormones went on crazy roller coasters at different times. When one baby wouldn't breast feed, another wouldn't sleep and both moms would find comfort in the shared experiences. With motherhood comes doubt... Am I the best mom? Am I doing this right? When one of would stress about behavior, the others would listen and offer reassurance, a book, a blog, or a look that says, "He is just fine. That behavior is typical." With motherhood comes emotions. We can be on top of the clouds and then a series of parenting events occur and the tears just roll out. One of us would always be there when that overwhelmed feeling rose up and even though we moved away from each other, that bond stood tall and strong when we were together. Moms are a force. A force that I am so thankful and proud to be a part of. 

The second imprint came when we were all getting ready to leave each other to go back to our lives, our families. One friend started crying during a discussion with another friend. My friend has been living with the pain of losing her mother. Although the loss came over 10 years ago, the wound is as raw as if she left the physical world yesterday. With no real means to help, we listened and hugged. As I left my dear friend, I thought of the unimaginable - losing my mom. There is too much I need to still learn from my mom and too many experiences we haven't had yet. I can't imagine what my friend feels. As moms, we live and breathe within each other and our own mothers pulse through our veins no matter how close or apart we are from them. I can't be my friends mom, I can only be a good friend. 

The third imprint occurred at the airport. An all-women running event had just taken place in the city, so I was surrounded by women runners. They were giggling and gabbing. Smiling and taking selfies. Earlier in line I had seen this young girl crying and giving her mom a hug and as I walked to my gate I couldn't shake the tears that this young girl shed. Through the crowd of athletes at my gate, I saw that young girl. She looked like the wind had been sucked out of her. I gently walked over to her and asked her if I could help and if she was ok. She started crying and said that she has a very hard week of crew practice at a local uiversity coming up and she doesn't get to see her mom for another three weeks and she really misses her mom. I had to try really hard not to let my own tears fall, as I still get tear-eyed when I leave my mom. I gave her a hug and told her it'll be ok and her mom will be visiting her before long. She smiled and said, "ok."

Moms are special. They say they hold our hearts forever, but I think we hold theirs forever too. 



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